EA Caught Shamelessly Recycling Fifa For Wii

Written by Tony Ibrahim     09/10/2012 | 01:20 | Category: GAMES

Electronic Arts has tried to dupe customers by essentially relabelling Fifa 12 as Fifa 13.

EA Caught Shamelessly Recycling Fifa For Wii

Every twelve months a new version of Fifa pops up and although we know it is essentially the same game, we folk out another $70 because we know this year's version is a little more realistic. But we never actually believed we'd be served sloppy seconds…

That, unfortunately, is the case for Nintendo Wii owners. Reviewers have uncovered the 'new' version of Fifa 13 has no new game modes or features, with its creator Electronic Arts choosing to reuse the existing modes available in Fifa 12. The only changes made to the game include the usual updating of uniforms and other superficialities, including a refreshed soundtrack.

The rip off was unveiled by Nintendo Gamer, who also compiled a comparative gallery of spot-the-difference screen shots. Being a rip-off though, there is no difference, with Gizmodo UK reporting both games sport the same menus, in-game dialogue and character models.

If you're a Nintendo Wii owner looking for a Fifa fix, head over to the used game bin and pick up Fifa 2012. Better yet, perhaps it's time to defect to Pro Evolution Soccer instead.

Check out the comparitive pics from Nintendo Gamer.

Fifa 12 vs Fifa 13