Nintendo's Wii U Gets Launch Date, Strong Price & Games

Written by Tony Ibrahim     14/09/2012 | 00:20 | Category: GAMES

Nintendo's Wii U is coming before Christmas at a competitive price

A Nintendo Christmas

Nintendo has announced its new gaming console, the Wii U, will be launched in Australia and New Zealand on November 30th, just in time for the Christmas rush.

Off the back of wanning Wii sales, the introductory 8GB console will be priced at a competitive $349, bundled with a strong range of games.

It's one of the strongest launch packages for any console to date.

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In June, Nintendo announced it incurred its first lost in the company's history. Although their Wii console became the world's best-selling console following its 2006 launch, its sales have since waned. Only 710,000 consoles were sold in the three months leading to June, which is less than half of the 1.56 million sold a year earlier.

Unlike the game-specific Wii, the new Wii U will support video-on-demand content, looks to social networking with its new Miiverse and incorporates tablet sensibilities in its GamePad controller.

M2 Analyst Billy Pidgeon believes the Wii U's versatility is a must-have if the console is going to have any chance of being a serious competitor.

"Before, Nintendo took a very game-centric approach avoiding traditional content beyond games. But it's pretty clear, it's a necessity," said Pidgeon.

"It's a must-have right now and with this, they can catch up somewhat to Microsoft's Xbox offerings."

Packing Heat

Customers will have the option of bundling the Wii U with Acitvision's Call of Duty: Black Ops II, Fifa 13, ZombiU, Raymand Legends and Nintendo land. They can also choose the new version of Super Mario Bros, which for the first time in sixteen years, is dedicated solely to Nintendo's console.

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It will also come with two—instead of the traditional one—Wii U GamePad controllers. The tablet-inspired GamePad features a large 6.2 inch (16 centimetres) touch screen, two joysticks, a front facing camera, traditional control buttons and Near Field Communications technology.

The high definition console is backwards compatible with most Wii games and hardware, allowing loyal Nintendo users to reap more value from their existing game libraries.
Nintendo will also sell a 'Deluxe' version of the Wii U console which will come in black, have 32GB of internal memory, a charging stand and come with Nintendo Land. The Deluxe version will cost $429.95.


A new feature revealed yesterday was Nintendo's TVii; a portal which pulls together content from every available VOD service.

If, for example, you're fond of the TV show Community, it will collect every available episode from all of the service available into one interface.

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The service will be live when the Wii U is launched at no extra cost.