Metal Gear Rising Coming To Australia February 2013

Written by Tony Ibrahim     17/08/2012 | 01:11 | Category: GAMES

The Metal Gear Solid saga is arguably the greatest game franchise to grace any console. Now the upcoming instalment, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, has been given a release date.

Metal Gear Rising Coming To Australia February 2013

Konami has teased MGR: Revengeance will be available in Australia early 2013, but early could be anything up to the end of June. Fortunately, Revengeance will be available much earlier than that.

It is with giddy enthusiasm I report Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance will be on Aussie shop shelves on the 21st of February, 2013.

MGR Revengeance will focus on Raiden, who loyal MGS fans will recall from MGS2 and MGS4. It explores his origins as a child soldier and his eventual transformation into "a half man, half machine cyborg ninja, equipped with his signature High-Frequency Blade and fuelled by revenge."

The official Press Release summarises the plot as follows:

In the near future, cyborg technology has become commonplace throughout society. Several years have passed since the collapse of the Patriots system that had been secretly controlling the global power balance. Unfortunately, the dissemination of cybernetic technology has triggered instability and conflict, with those who control the war trade exerting their power over the weak. Furthermore, large 'Private Military Companies' (PMCs) that had been supported and controlled by the Patriots have collapsed, spawning countless rogue entities with links to larger criminal organizations. 

These renegade PMCs are employing cyborg technology and have become increasingly disruptive, changing conflict policy and political power at will. As a member of the peace-keeping PMC 'Maverick Security', Raiden lives by the mantra of protecting and saving lives. But as the world plunges further into chaos, the only path that leads forward is rooted in resolving his past, and carving through anything that stands in his way.

Konami has released an official MGR: Revengeance trailer that, in adorned metal gear fashion, holds nothing back. Check it out.