Razer Reveals Decked-Out Ivy Bridge Gaming Tablet Running Windows 8

Written by Matthew Lentini     11/01/2012 | 00:28 | Category: HANDHELD

Razer has unveiled its latest gaming prototype since last year's Switchblade at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas - a gaming tablet dubbed Project Fiona.

Razer Reveals Decked-Out Ivy Bridge Gaming Tablet Running Windows 8

Razer whipped out a gaming computer prototype called the Switchblade at last year's CES, designed to put hardcore gaming into a netbook form factor with a custom keyboard. This went on to become to Razer Blade, ditching the netbook size and reclaiming the full keyboard in what is soon to be released as an expensive rival to Ultrabooks for gamers.

Project Fiona is a similar gauging of gamer and developer enthusiasm for Razer, this time for the tablet market. Though the finished product should turn out very similar to what's been displayed so far, unlike the evolved Razer Blade.

The Project Fiona tablet is slated for an end of year release and will be sporting the new Ivy Bridge processors from Intel (more efficient versions of the current Sandy Bridge series of processors) that are scheduled to start hitting PCs in mid-2012.

Razer has estimated the price to sit below US$1,000 upon release in Q4 2012.

The tablet itself will feature full touch control and accelerometers for recognising tilts, but will also feature attached controllers fitted with force feedback.

Akin to the design on the razer Hydra, the two handle-bar controllers sit attached to each side of the tablet with joysticks, triggers and other standard buttons.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan has revealed that, apart from the Core-i7 Ivy Bridge CPU, the tablet will house a 1280x800 resolution screen and will support Windows 8, according to PC World US.

The company is spruiking the design opportunities for game developers looking to integrate touch, movement and button controls into their games, but are assuring any detractors that standard PC games will be functional right out of the box.

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