3D On Mobile Devices Set To Take Off

Written by Marie Jones     01/12/2010 | 23:58 | Category: HANDHELD

The number of 3D-enabled mobile devices shipped in 2014 will surpass 60 million units according to a leading research company, as the evolution of 3D devices continues.

3D On Mobile Devices Set To Take Off

According to In-Stat, the trend by major movie studios to bring 3D content from cinemas to the home, and the increasing numbers of 3D-ready TVs being shipped for the home theatre environment is enabling the next evolution of 3D on mobile devices to take place.

In one of the earliest research reports to discuss the opportunities for 3D in mobile devices, In-Stat claimed 3D adoption will be highest in smartphones, which it said would represent 45 percent of all 3D-enabled mobile device shipments by 2012. Penetration rates will also be highest in the handheld games console market and Tablets. But other opportunities will also abound in notebook PCs, digital photo frames and portable media players.

According to In-Stat Senior Analyst, Stephanie Ethier: "Due to advancements in autostereoscopic 3D technology, a type of 3D technology that does not require glasses to view 3D images, 3D technology is finding its way into mobile devices."

"The more predictable viewing distance of mobile devices enables a compelling and convenient 3D experience. Additionally, many of the chipsets found in today's smartphones have the processing power to handle 3D content; therefore the smartphones promise the largest opportunity for mobile 3D technology suppliers over the next five years."