Sony Sells Over 320,000 PS Vitas In 48 Hours

Written by Tony Ibrahim     20/12/2011 | 22:19 | Category: HANDHELD

Sony has sold 321,407 PlayStation Vita units in Japan over just two days, according to research firm Enterbrain.

Sony Sells Over 320,000 PS Vitas In 48 Hours

The research covers the first 48 hours after the PlayStation Vita launched in Japan, December the 17th and 18th, and puts the console behind Nintendo's 3DS which sold 371,326 in the same time frame.

Its performance appears to be on par with Sony's previous PSP handheld, which sold 166,074 units on its first day of sale alone.

To match the demand, Sony upped shipment levels by 200,000 units, putting the total number of estimated Vita handhelds at 700,000. This indicates almost half of the stock has already been sold.

There were concerns over the latest handheld from Sony following the popularity of smartphone gaming. Even though the handheld's performance is on par, Sony's not out of deep water yet after a myriad of new Vita owners have reported issues with the device.