Apple's New iPad Threatens PS3 & Xbox 360

Written by Computer Daily News     11/03/2012 | 23:27 | Category: HANDHELD

Apple's new iPad is creating a stir in the traditional video game industry while the company is setting itself up to take on Microsoft and Sony on their home turf of game consoles.


Epic Games and Namco Bandai took the stage at Apple's iPad unveiling last week to show off what they can do with an iPad that now has a faster quad-core graphics processor, and the brightest, sharpest screen in the business with its "Retina" technology.

With more than 55 million iPads sold to date, including 15.43 million last quarter, the tablet is quickly catching up to the number of consoles on the market. The PlayStation 3 has sold 62 million units, and Xbox 360 65 million.