Microsoft Windows Shop Slammed For Trying To Merge Gaming Ecosystem

Written by David Richards     01/03/2016 | 08:13 | Category: INDUSTRY

Microsoft who is set to roll out a TV in Australia running a Windows OS, is copping criticism for trying to unify its console and PC platforms into a single ecosystem.

Microsoft Windows Shop Slammed For Trying To Merge Gaming Ecosystem
The TV which will have a Microsoft OS is being developed in partnership with Hitachi, in an effort to sell games via their online Windows store. 

According to critics, the big issue is the way that games launch when downloaded from the Windows store.

In particular, the way the games launch through the Store, rather than the .exe file, and the lack of V-sync, has irked customers.

Microsoft who is use to complaints about their Windows OS claim that they are looking to fix that issue, with the head of Xbox and Windows gaming, Mike Ybarra, taking to Twitter to respond to criticism of problems with Windows Store gaming.

He also addressed concerns that the Store did not support Nvidia's SLI or AMD's crossfire, multi-GPU gaming, stating that that was simply not true. It's the responsibility of the developers to enable that feature, he claimed, though he failed to address other concerns.

According to Digital Trends a Reddit thread popped up recently (via Winbeta) that brought up a number of other issues with the platform, stating that there are problems with slow downloads, a forced always-borderless full screen, and a lack of support for sweetFX. Other mods and hardware/software FPS monitoring are said not to work either.

While it may be the case that certain games support some of those functions and other games don't, the situation is still causing worry among fans, as it seems likely Microsoft will push to sell most of its first-party titles, and possibly third-party titles also, through the Windows Store when the new TV is launched. 

Moreover, one of the developers of Rise of the Tomb Raider has been quoted as saying that graphics control panels are unusable for custom in-game settings, as they push settings through the .exe, which the Windows Store does not utilise.