Game Over: Sony Dumps Handheld PSP's

Written by Oonagh Reidy     04/06/2014 | 16:14 | Category: INDUSTRY

PSP wont be sold in Japan any longer.

Game Over: Sony Dumps Handheld PSPSony has decided to cease production of its much loved handheld PSP for the Japanese market, it announced today. 

The company is now offering Japanese gamers discounts on PS Vita when they trade in a PlayStation Portable, Polygon reports. 

Sony made the announcement on its Japan website, where it also announced two new PlayStation Vita Super Value Packs. 

It first launched the PSP portable gaming device in 2004 and tweaked it several times over the years, only to replace it with PlayStation Vita, which launched in 2012. 

Incidentally, the new Sony PS Vita Slim went on sale in Australia today, as it takes Vita to the next level. 

You can't buy a new PSP in any of the main retailers in Australia, but EB Games sell second hand models including PSP-3000 and PSP-E1000 between $45-$100.