OnLive Gets Socially Mobile With Facebook & Gaming Anywhere

Written by Marie Jones     06/06/2011 | 01:04 | Category: ONLINE

As the live social gaming phenomenon gathers momentum, OnLive has announced new plans to make its gaming experience more mainstream, by launching a new game service with Facebook that gives users the ability to launch games directly from their Facebook pages, and allow them to shift seamlessly from social gaming on mobiles to PCs, Macs or even the TV.

As millions of social networkers shift into and out of social games, the new service allows Facebook users post clips of their special moments on their Facebook walls which can be viewed by their friends in HD, and leave comments or even play a demonstration game for free with a new 'Brag Clip' facility. 

The new wall posting facility instantly draws friends into the online gameplay, by allowing them to click the  "Watch Me" link on the post and watch and rate their friends' gameplay instantly in HD resolution.

OnLive Founder and CEO, Steve Perlman, said: "The OnLive Facebook integration is a watershed event for the videogame industry. No one questions the massive appeal of social gaming, but before OnLive there was no frictionless way to integrate AAA core games into the global social network fabric.

And the company is not stopping there. Using the OnLive Facebook integration as its launch pad, the company is also integrating its technology into Intel hardware allowing users to seamlessly shift from one OnLive-compatible device to another. This will include almost any PC/Mac, tablet or TV today, and soon smartphones, Blu-ray/media players and IPTV/cable set-top boxes.

The gaming anywhere experience will allow users to access OnLive games even when travelling, so that both the social network and the OnLive game experience travels with the gamer.

The company has announced expansion to the UK and Europe later this year, and trials are underway in Asia. It aims to have  instant access to OnLive everywhere.

"We took it as a given that to be completely social meant being completely inclusive, and that meant working on just about any connected device anywhere," said Joe Bentley, OnLive VP of Engineering.

"OnLive is already available, or soon will be available, on TV devices, PC/Mac and iOS and Android platforms and OnLive is either available or in trial on three continents, and all of OnLive's data centers are seamlessly interconnected. OnLive will be everywhere on every major device."

A new Software Development Kit (SDK) for game developers is being updated enabling developers to explore new gaming concepts, such as shouting out to friends when you need help during a game, or gifting/receiving in-game assets.

The streaming games service now boasts over 100 titles in its portfolio and the company has also teamed up with Intel to offer access to high end games on any Intel hardware with the Atom Processor CE4100.

In addition it is unveiling a universal wireless controller that will allow users to play with one peripheral across multiple devices, so that they can take advantage of games designed for a home console.

New Disney Interactive titles will also be added to its line-up, including two games from defunct studio Black Rock, Pure and Split/Second.