HP Jumpstarts Consumer PC Line-Up With Revamped TouchSmart All-in-Ones

Written by Matthew Lentini     14/09/2011 | 05:09 | Category: PC

The TouchPad may not have lasted very long, but HP's consumer division shows no signs of slowing as it reveals a new slate of all-in-one PCs today.

HP announced a new range of all-in-one PCs today that bring the TouchSmart touch-screen technology below the thousand dollar mark. They also mark the evolution of its TouchSmart software with the new version, 5.0. For the high-performance crowd, HP has also released its top desktop performer yet.

While older versions of HP's TouchSmart would create a new scrollable desktop that slightly resembles the look and feel of an Android phone's scrolling home screen, the new version integrates this desktop page with Windows software.

What this means is that applications like Windows Explorer tabs can be opened and thrown into the TouchSmart interface seamlessly rather than the two bits of software running independently.

This software is currently only available on the freshly-announced TouchSmart models, though should end up in the tubes for other TouchSmart owners to download on their PCs later down the track.

Some of the new HP all-in-one models include the Omni 210 and 220 which both retail for under $1000. These aren't touch screen, though they offer a similar form factor fitting in up to 1TB of hard drive space and a choice of AMD or Intel processors.
Omni 210

The Omni 210 is available from September 19 from $799 and the Omni 220 is available from September 26 for $999.

The new TouchSmarts include the 320 and the 520, with the 320 also retailing at under $1000, featuring the latest update to the TouchSmart software. They also feature a new form factor that eliminates the 'easel' that the screens usually would lean on, instead leaning on a single bottom tray as pictured below. The lean potential isn't as deep, but it does give a more refined look.
TouchSmart 520

The TouchSmart 320 is out now for $999, while the TouchSmart 520 is out now starting at $1,399.

On top of the list of all-in-one PCs is a gaming desktop that goes overkill on expandable storage and RAM.

The Pavilion HPE Phoenix is an Intel i7-run machine that runs at 3.4GHz, with 16GB of DDR3 RAM preinstalled and enough platter space to fill the motherboard with 9TB worth of hard drives.The graphics are powered by an ATI discrete graphics card that can handle multiple display output, and Beats Audio technology is thrown in to handle sound.
HPE Phoenix

The physical tower has been kitted out with cosmetic touches to suit gamers with a 'landing pad' on top for throwing earphones and USB sticks and the like, and with plenty of high-speed USB ports in range.

At a starting price of $2,299, the Phoenix is HP's most powerful desktop PC so far.

Some older models have also been refreshed, including the TouchSmart 610 model which now has the latest Intel chipset built in. The 610 differs from the new models in its deeper leaning, where it can swivel to face down and face up nearly flat against the floor.