Apple's Mac Finally Gets Razer's Pro Gamer Support

Written by Tony Ibrahim     03/07/2011 | 22:48 | Category: PC

Windows has long been seen as the domain for gaming, but now Razer is offering Mac gamers the hardware to rival.


Razer is the leading high-end precision gaming brand who engineer incredibly focused computer gaming hardware. With Apple Mac computers picking up pace in the consumer sector, they've released Mac versions of their BlackWidow, BlackWidow Ultimate and Anansi model keyboards.

All three keyboards have a Mac keyboard layout, but with much more gaming optimisations.

Considered perfect for Massively Multiplayer Online games, the keyboards feature a row of multimedia keys, 5 different levels of lighting, 5 additional reprogrammable keys and an ergonomic design solely geared towards gaming. According to Razer, these keyboards "provide a distinctive tactile feedback that simulates the experience and precision of performing a mouse click, giving gamers an entirely new keyboard feel."

Available today, the Mac optimised Razer keyboards are priced from $129.