Guilty Of Price Fixing Apple Now Has Problems Fixing MacBook Air Problems

Written by David Richards     15/07/2013 | 09:01 | Category: HOME OFFICE

After being found guilty by a judge for price fixing eBooks recently Apple now appears to have a problem fixing problems with their recently launched MacBook Air.

Guilty Of Price Fixing Apple Now Has Problems Fixing MacBook Air Problems
Announced last month the new Ultrabook is facing a barrage of complaints from users who are reporting a range of volume fluctuation and Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

A fix for the Wi Fi problem is said to have caused new issues with the computer's volume fluctuation.

An issue that has been reported by a number of early adopters relates to the volume control with audio levels fluctuating of their own according especially when video content is being played.

"I have just purchased a new 2013 13-inch MacBook Air, and the volume seems to fluctuate by itself when I play back any videos," a UK based MacBook Air user wrote on the Apple forums. 

With dozens of users also reporting similar issues, one user added: "I too am experiencing audio fluctuations while watching Hulu or iTunes videos. It seems to fluctuate most at the middle audio level, and doesn't do it at very low levels or high levels. Very annoying."

While Apple has yet to fully acknowledge the issue, a selection of users have suggested that using third-party volume control and enhancement applications, such as Boom, could act as a temporary resolve for the problem.

Suggesting that Apple staff are currently failing to address the issue, new MacBook Air owner 'forembc' wrote on the Apple discussion boards: "I too am having this happen. I went to the Apple Store and they have no clue why this is happening. Apple, please figure this out, it is so annoying!"

This is not the first issue to impact the new Apple MacBook Air 2013, shortly after the launch, the slimline laptop was found to have problems with its new 802.11ac Wi-Fi connections, with the computer repeatedly dropping networks with no reason or warning.

Apple Australia have not commented on the problem.