Notebooks & Ultrabooks Have To Become Fashion Statements Claims Toshiba Boss

Written by David Richards     19/04/2013 | 08:58 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Toshiba who is fighting back from a downturn in demand for notebooks and desktop has moved to make Ultrabooks and PC's fashionable by launching a premium KIRA Ultrabook that comes in slick packaging and will be promoted in store via new stylish kiosks.

Notebooks & Ultrabooks Have To Become Fashion Statements Claims Toshiba Boss
This will be followed up by what has been described as a "stunning" Windows tablet PC combination device along with several new notebooks that will be revealed early May in Australia.

Management from the Japanese Company believe that styling, the quality of components and materials along with the look and finish of a PC product has to change to compete with tablet and smartphones.

Mark Whittard, the CEO of Toshiba Australia, said that the market has changed and that PC makers "need to differentiate" their products he said. 

"Toshiba knows how to produce a quality product we have been doing it for decades, what we have to do today is make our products as appealing as a smartphone and tablet in the eyes of a consumer, they have to become a must have product".

He said that the devices today have to be "Super light, super thin and made from quality components". 

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He said "There are three core devices that a consumer turns to today, a smartphone for communication, a tablet for browsing and the notebook. 

What we have to do is make that notebook or Ultrabook as appealing as a smartphone or tablet as it is the notebook that is the key workhorse for a lot of people. It has to perform and be functional while at the same time be attractive, they have to become a fashion statement". 

He said that one of the reasons why PC Companies have been struggling since the economic downturn was because their products were "not stylish or fashionable" he said that bulky notebooks simply fell out of fashion despite them being an essential device for people who use them for work and heavy duty PC functions. 

"People are buying more than one device and if we are to attract them to our devices we have to change not only the look and feel of device but the packaging and the way that they are sold to a consumer in-store. This is what we are doing with our new range".

He said that when the PC market started to decline as reflected in recent Gartner and IDC research many notebook manufacturers started to compromise the quality of their products as retailers demanded cheaper products.

He said that some manufacturers moved to make products using cheaper components and poor quality screens.

"Toshiba has been making notebooks for decades and it is critical that we continue to deliver superior design and high quality components. We will never move away from making and delivering a premium product. Consumers will always be prepared to pay for a premium product especially one that they can trust" said Whittard.
He said that Toshiba's new KIRA Ultrabook is a premium product that reflects everything that Toshiba stands for.

The device is made from high-grade materials and engineered with the latest technologies such as the first ultra-high resolution PixelPure display that delivers a crisper, brighter picture without the detection of pixels.

The AZ91 has a pressed magnesium alloy chassis and a new lightweight design. It comes in slick new packaging.

Whittard said that new ultra-high resolution display delivers a 90-per cent increase above standard HD displays - resulting in razor-sharp clarity for text and crystal clear viewing of photos, movies, and games.

Available in standard and touchscreen display, the KIRA touchscreen model utilise Corning Concore glass, a fingerprint-resistant and smooth 10-point multi-touch surface designed to maximise the Windows 8 experience. 

A new Harman Kardon stereo sound system is built into the device that is complemented by DTS audio processing.

In an effort to Improve resilience and internal stability, the new Ultrabook incorporates new Toshiba's AirFlow II technology, a thin multi-phase fan cooling system, as well as a stabilising hinge that increases the pliability of the lid when opening and closing the notebook and reduces screen bounce for touchscreen use. 

A high-capacity Li-Polymer battery is incorporated to let you work unplugged throughout the day with a long battery life rating of up to six hours, while a 256GB Solid State Drive and 8GB of 1600 MHz memory produce a fast and responsive experience. 

The device is powered by 3rd generation IntelCore processors has a  13.3-inch display and sleek frameless LED backlit keyboard are encased within its slight chassis, weighing from just 1.21kg or 1.35kg depending on whether you choose touch. 

Three configurations will be available featuring Intel Core i5 or Core i7 processors in price from $1799rrp (inc GST) - $2199rrp (inc GST).