Win8 Users Can Now Block Skype Calls

Written by David Richards     31/03/2013 | 15:16 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Microsoft has launched a Skype update for Windows 8 that allows users to easily block unwanted calls.

Win8 Users Can Now Block Skype Calls

Version 1.6 of Skype, tipped by the company in a blog post on Friday, brings the ability to block contacts. The update also includes a number of performance enhancements for the audio and video chatting software.

Users can now swipe at the top or bottom of their screens to bring up a command bar relating to a particular contact's name. They can then select "block" in order to cease receiving notifications from that user. Users also have the option to label a contact request as spam or to remove a contact entirely.

In addition to contact blocking, version 1.6 fixes an issue that saw outgoing video sometimes not displayed after switching the camera. Another issue, in which Skype would display the wrong call error message when a call failed, has also been fixed.