Don't Bank On Getting The New iPad Mini This Xmas

Written by David Richards     25/10/2013 | 05:58 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Australian retailers who were banking on sales of the new Apple iPad Mini boosting sales this Xmas are facing major supply issues with several set to get restricted supply according to sources.

According to component suppliers for the new device along Apple is facing a "chronic" shortage of build materials and that supply for the Retina iPad mini is "severely constrained,"

Research group IHS iSuppli claims that retailers in Australia shouldn't expect to see "meaningful volume" until the first quarter of 2014.

Part of the problem is said to be the Mini's display which comes from LF Display, this screen has the same resolution as the iPad Air, but compressed into a smaller space. Maintaining quality output is limiting the number of panels suppliers can produce for the new Apple device.

IHS Suppli said that the manufacturing issues could make the Mini extremely difficult to buy at launch and into Xmas and the New Year.

Apple is already only promising a vague "November" timeframe for the tablet, and will likely be hit by a crush of early adopters and holiday shoppers when the product ships. The iPad Air, conversely, is due November 1st, and has not had any reported supply setbacks.