Cut The C's! Plastic iPhone 5c Flops

Written by Oonagh Reidy     17/10/2013 | 14:34 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Plastic was never going to wash with Apple's elite

Cut The CApple slashes iPhone 5c production, in the wake of poor demand, according to supplier sources.

Asian supplier Pegatron, who makes around two out of three of the new iPhones, is said to have cut production by just 'less than' 20 percent, reports Apple Insider. 

Chinese giant Hon Hai, known as Foxconn, who produces the remainder, has slashed orders by a greater amount - around 30%. The move is not surprising considering the higher spec 5s costs just a bit more than 5c. 

Made of plastic, iPhone 5c was aimed at the mid to lower end mobile user, but priced just slightly below the premium 5s and comes in several youthful shades.   

Multiple Australian telcos, too, have reported sluggish demand for iPhone 5c.

Meanwhile, Apple is said to have ramped up orders for the 5s, which sold several million on the first weekend of sale, alone.

Apple said it sold nine million iPhone 5c and 5s's in total, but it's believed the majority of sales were 5s, which has fingerprint sensors for unlocking and identifying users.