Asus Cans Duet TD300

Written by Computer Daily News & Oonagh Reidy      18/03/2014 | 16:17 | Category: HOME OFFICE

Asus has quietly shelved plans to release its Transformer Book Duet TD300 dual-boot hybrid tablet, after objections from Microsoft.

Asus Cans Duet TD300The hybrid Transformer tablet was set to run both Android and Microsoft Windows 8.1 operating systems.  The Taiwanese tablet maker unveiled the Duet at January's CES show in Las Vegas but has now been "infinitely delayed". 

The Wall Street Journal reports that the device may conflict with Microsoft patents. 

Neither Google nor Microsoft were said to be happy with the idea of a dual OS tablet, and both were believed to have put pressure on Asus to pull the plug. 

Google, for its part, was said to be irked by the idea of certifying the device on a shared platform. 

"Microsoft has sought patent royalties from several hardware makers using Android software, claiming it owns some mobile patents used in Android," the Journal said.

Asus is now believed to be pulling the plug on hybrid Android/ Windows models Transformer All-In-One models AiO P1801 and AiO P1802, on sale since last year, due to the latest objections.