XL iPhone 6 To Hit 'August'?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     12/05/2014 | 15:51 | Category: HOME OFFICE

4.7" iPhone coming sooner than expected, reports suggest

XL iPhone 6 To Hit 'August'?

Media report appear to suggest a 4.7" iPhone - its largest device to date - will go on sale in August, reports Taiwan's Economic Daily News, citing manufacturing suppliers. 

At least one other iPhone - said to be an ever larger 5.5" screen (lets call it XXL) will be released the following month, September, when Apple unusually rolls out its new gear.  

If rumors are correct, it will be the first 'phablet -style device combining a smartphone and tablet that Cupertino has introduced, as it comes under increasing pressure from investors over lack of innovation and newness on iPhone, and being hammered by 'phablet' king, Samsung. 

Pictures: iPhone 5 v 'iPhone 6'. Source: nowhereelse.fr
Despite the criticism, it looks like Apple has big hopes for iPhone 6 - 80 million devices will be produced, according to the report. 

Also doing the round are these pics which purport to be the enlarged 4.7" iPhone 6, which also appears to be much skinnier than iPhone 5. 

The design also appears different from previous releases and there's some apparent hardware changes. 

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