iPad, Note 3, Monster Headphones: What's Hot Xmas 2013?

Written by Oonagh Reidy     01/11/2013 | 16:27 | Category: HOME OFFICE

4K TV, iPad, Note 3, Monster headphones are among the goodies consumers will be snapping up this Christmas

iPad, Note 3, Monster Headphones: WhatAs the countdown to retailers' busiest trading period kicks off, it's clear gaming consoles PS4, Xbox One, headphones and tablets, phablets will be hot sellers, as retailers predict a big Christmas for tech.

"We believe the run up to Christmas will be quite strong, with the latest technology products proving popular," Betta CEO Graeme Cunningham told CN, citing new Ultra HD '4K' TVs as a hot product on the TV side.  

But you better hurry if you want a PS4 or Xbox One, warns JB Hi-Fi Marketing Manager, Scott Browning, as shortages are highly likely.

Gaming consoles will be big this Christmas, with the release of the PS4, and the Xbox One, he says, but there's likely to be supply shortages, "something which a lot of people don't realise. Pre-ordered consoles are also about to run out." 

There's similar problems overseas, so ordering online from international sites won't help. Games may also be constrained due to console shortages.
On the mobile front, there's huge demand for Samsung's new 5.7" phablet, Note 3, which has already sold 5 million in the space of one month, globally. In fact, demand for Note 3 and the new iPhone 5s are now level, says Browning.  

On the tablet front, Samsung Galaxy Tabs are "flying out the door", and Microsoft Surface 2 is also "starting to get traction," something which Browning admits he is "very surprised" about. 
"Consumers are warming to Surface", he says, when you look at the tabs functionality - running Windows 8.1, its "very attractive" for the BYO tablet market, with corporates leaning more towards Windows platform.

Browning is also expecting "big things" for Lenovo's "sexy" new Yoga tablet, which JB announced this week it would be selling - the first retailer in Oz. 

The Google Nexus tablet are also proving popular. 

Another obvious hottie among tech-mad consumers will be Apple's new iPad Air, and iPad mini with Retina. 

Browning predicts iPad shortages on certain models, referring to similar shortages experienced last year. 

There has already been fears with supply shortages for the iPad mini with Retina, flagged by Apple Ceo Tim Cook, this week. 


2013 won't be the year for smartwear, "its still early days", but likely to grow as instore displays, demos grow, says Browning.  

Wearable tech with health and fitness functionality is growing in popularity among Aussie consumers. Smart watches like Samsung's Galaxy Gear, Jawbone Up, and FitBit Zip Tracker are likely to grow further, as people become more familiar with their u. 


It's likely to be a Monster Christmas on the headphone front, people are now buying "multiple" headphone sets. "Monster range could be really big this year," says JB's Marketing boss, admitting Beats is "waning a bit as a brand". 

Monster have launched an army of new in-ear, on ear, wireless headphones including Monster Diesel Noise Division VEKTR, DNA and the very cool Diamond Tears.

Action cameras like Go Pro Cameras will also be huge this Christmas, which Browning admitting the retailer "may struggle with stock" due to massive demand. 

On the TV front, Betta CEO told CN, "Ultra High Def or '4K' TV is creating "a lot of interest" among consumers.

Other popular appliances will be French door fridges, smaller appliances like coffee machines, floor care.
Browning expects a busy Christmas, although admitted it can be "hard to tell".