New LG G3 Wireless Charger + Holey Cover

Written by Alex Zaharov-Reutt      21/07/2014 | 12:56 | Category: ACCESSORIES

LG has announced two new accessories for its new G3 smartphone due August - a snap on 'Quick Circle' cover and a brand new wireless charger that LG hopes will supercharge its G3 sales.

New LG G3 Wireless Charger + Holey Cover Although Apple enjoys an incredibly diverse third-party accessories market, its competitors don't always have the breadth and depth of accessories on offer.

While third-party case makers relatively quickly fill the gap with all manner of covers and cases, this is usually reserved for the most popular devices such as Samsung's range of Galaxy phones, and others.

What phone makers who aren't Apple have had to do in the meantime is to create their own accessories. HTC, for example, includes a nifty translucent case for its One M8 model in the box, much like Nokia used to do with various handsets such as its iconic and now ancient N95.

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HTC also has its dot-covers, while Samsung has long had a range of accessories it has offered for its flagship Galaxy smartphones.

Not to be outdone, LG has come to the party with two new accessories for its anticipated LG G3 handset, due in August, complete with 5.5-inch Quad-D display and 13 megapixel "Laser Auto Focus" camera, among other features.

First up is LG's "Quick Circle Cover". Imagine one of those flip covers you've seen on various Samsung Galaxy S-series phones, and then imagine a circle cut out in the top half of that cover, and you've got the picture.

Obviously, this exposes a part of the screen to potential damage, but it also exposes part of the screen for your usage, even when the "cover is closed".

LG says other smartphone cases can "slow down interaction", but with LG's holey cover, it has designed a series of "one-tap" icons to frequently-used functions displayed through the circle.  

These include being able to change tracks, take photos, check messages and see the time without opening the cover, alongside the feature being "fully customisable", from the selection of functions that appear to the design of the clock face.
Available in four colours being Titan Black, White, Gold and Aqua, Quick Circle covers will retail for $49 each. Plain "snap-on rear protection covers with a textured finish" in Black and Caramel are also available and will sell for $19 each.

LG's second accessory is a brand new wireless charger. Due to sell for AUD $69, and set to work whether a Quick Circle cover has been added or not, you simply place the phone on the charger, at which point it wirelessly charges.  

Lambro Skropidis, Marketing GM at LG Electronics Australia said that: "The G3 was designed with users in mind, and so it follows that we've taken the same approach with the accessories. Both items are designed to enhance and simplify the experience of using the phone".

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Optus will gift a wireless charger to its customers buying the new LG G3, with Harvey Norman and other selected retailers set to stock LG's G3 accessories range. 
The wireless charger will be provided as a bonus gift with purchase when the G3 is bought from Optus resellers. It is also available separately for $69
All accessories will be sold separately through Harvey Norman and other selected retailers.