Kingston Touts Military-Grade Security On Its Most Secure USB Flash Drive Yet

Written by Matthew Lentini     04/10/2011 | 00:57 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Kingston has touted its new, high-security USB thumb drive to its DataTraveler range that sports military grade protection as the most secure USB Flash drive on the market.

The DT6000 is a slim USB stick that comes in four sizes from 2GB to 16GB and supports 256-bit AES encryption. The security focus delivers 'military grade' elliptic curve cryptography by US standards.

The advanced security features include a complete lock down that blocks out users after 10 intrusion attempts as well as other customisable security options.

It's built tough with a titanium and stainless steel build and waterproof coating, with a warranty spanning five years.

Though it lacks USB 3.0 connectivity, capping out at 11MB/s read and 5MB/s write speeds. The premium of up to $313 comes on the back of security over performance here, with the DT6000 suited more for sensitive documents rather than media.

See over the page for the full AUS/NZ price list on the DT6000.