Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard (VG-KBD1000)

Written by Tony Ibrahim     05/08/2013 | 08:50 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Samsung Smart TVs feature powerful internet browsers, but if you really want to harness the potential of big screen internet, the Samsung Smart Wireless keyboard is a must.

Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard (VG-KBD1000)
It's a finely finished QWERTY keyboard designed specifically for use with compatible Samsung Smart TVs. Integrated into its slimline aesthetic is a trackpad and many of the functions you'd find on the TV remote, including power, volume, channel, Smart Hub and even more dedicated keys. With this feature-set, the Smart Wireless Keyboard is just about the only device
you'll need for an internet session the family can share. You can open YouTube and effortlessly sift through videos, perform a search using Google or check your Facebook and Twitter accounts, commenting and updating your status just as you would on an ordinary PC^. It brings the ease of use that has made computers so popular.

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Except it's bigger. The universal connectivity
technology allows the Smart Wireless Keyboard to be used with different supported devices. Owners of select Android smartphones can connect to the Smart Wireless Keyboard over Bluetooth to carry out all of their typing and browsing needs with no fuss.