A4-Sized Panasonic Projector Optimised For Bright Room Performance

Written by Matthew Lentini     14/07/2011 | 23:20 | Category: ACCESSORIES

Panasonic has released a new and versatile addition to its LB Series of LCD projectors that delivers long lamp life and bright room performance in a more portable, A4-sized shell.

A4-Sized Panasonic Projector Optimised For Bright Room PerformanceThe PT-LB3 is a relatively compact projector at around 2kg, best suited for brighter environments like classrooms and other meeting rooms with its Daylight View Basic function automatically optimising the projection for clearer picture in brighter areas.

The projector shines at 3,200 lumens of brightness with a lamp that can last up to 5,000 hours under optimum conditions. Its 'intelligent power management' and Eco Standby modes help the unit run energy-efficiently.

It houses dual RGB ports, an S-Video port and composite connections, as well as a LAN connection. Along with the diverse panel of connections, the light-weight unit makes the PT-LB3 ideal for mobile presenters.

It projects at a max resolution of 1024 x 768, automatically scaling down any higher definition picture.

The PT-LB3 is out now, listed with a $1259 RRP.