Western Digital Pulls Plug On Cloud Storage Service

Written by David Richards     02/12/2015 | 08:55 | Category: CLOUD

Western Digital the storage Company who tried to take on Dropbox, Google and Microsoft's One Drive, has moved to pull the plug on their MioNet service that allowed consumers and business to store content in the cloud.

Western Digital Pulls Plug On Cloud Storage Service
In an email sent to customers today the Company who recently acquired SanDisk, said that the service will be shut down in March 2016.  

Customers who had a monthly or annual subscription to Western Digital's MioNet Service have been told that they will have to look for a new service. 

The Company said that they have not been accepting monthly subscriptions for the MioNet Service since March 2015. 

"The MioNet Service, however, will continue to be available free of charge to month-to-month subscribers until March 31, 2016, at which time the MioNet Service will be discontinued" the email said. 
MioNet Customers with Annual Subscriptions

 Western Digital said that they will help their customer to migrate off the MioNet Service to an alternative solution such as My Cloud. 

Access to a Western Digital device can be obtained by using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) as an alternative to the Mionet Service.