Windows 7 PC Kill Off Date Is......

Written by Oonagh Reidy     18/02/2014 | 12:07 | Category: DESKTOP PCS

31 October. 2014.

That is the day Microsoft want to kill sales of Windows 7 PC's, well consumer ones, anyway. 

Microsoft has listed October 31, 2014 as the end of sales for PCs with Windows 7 (incl. Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate) pre-installed, according to Windows lifecycle sheet. 

Retail sales of W7 software have been killed since October 31, last.  

However, sales of Windows 7 Pro PC's are safe for now, with a date 'yet to be established', meaning HP, Lenovo and Co. can still flog PC's running Microsoft's familiar OS to business users. 

On the Microsoft Australia site you can still 'buy' Windows 7 Home Premium Upgrade, but are led to the Windows 8 page when you click on the link. 

But Windows 7 software is still on sale at some online stores, although not at retail majors like JB Hi-Fi or Officeworks, although the latter are still selling the W7 upgrade instore, and a Toshiba laptop and Asus' tablet running W7.  Most retailers had a big push to get rid of remaining PC's running the ageing OS last year. 

But figures show Windows 7 still running on over half of all desktops - outpacing touch based W8, launched in October 2012.  
StatsCounter figures to Feb 2014 show '7' still accounts for 55% of desktop PC's, globally, and shows no sign of warning off, with Windows XP accounting for another 20% of users. 

Australia is also showing a similar trend, with W7 running 53% of desktops, while Windows 8 is on just under 8% at present and has hardly grown since November 2013, when the 8.1 upgrade was released, StatsCounter figures also indicate.  

HP, one of the worlds biggest PC makers, recently commenced a fresh push on Windows 7 notebooks and PC's saying, the OS, released in 2009, was back by popular demand  

Microsoft also says it will cut Windows 7 mainstream support on January 1 next and extended support by January 14, 2020.