Acer Denies Plan To Shut Local Production

Written by David Richards     19/07/2013 | 12:20 | Category: INDUSTRY

Acer Australia claims that they are not going to cease local production despite several staff being laid off this week, they also claim that they are not going to adopt a retail only model despite claims to the contrary by current serving staff.

Acer Denies Plan To Shut Local Production

Acer CEO Charles Chung who has not returned calls to ChannelNews has written a letter to dealers claiming that the Taiwanese Company who reported a $5M loss last year and a 38% decline in sales will not be ceasing production of PCs for schools, corporations and governments.

He said "Nothing could be further from the truth and we have no plans to either stop or slow down our production capacity. We are the only company that invested heavily in a local assembly line in Australia allowing us to serve our channel partners and corporate, government, and education customers efficiently".

Earlier this week ChannelNews was contacted by current serving management who claimed that there was infighting among management over cuts and the slowing of sales. Prior to being contacted by current serving staff we have held several discussions with former staff who have left Acer claiming that there is major problems at Acer Australia.

Charles Chung said" There is no instability at Acer Australia and we have not undergone any "mass sackings". As with any large company, we periodically and routinely assesses staff performance and business requirements, and some individuals were recently let go through this review".

Chung also denied that the Company is moving to a retail model He wrote "Acer Australia has very strong commercial and education business and is not planning any changes to the way we currently do business".

He also said that Acer have expanded their field service operations across Australia in the last 12 months.