EXCLUSIVE:Massive Reckon Cloud Failure Leaves Customers Seething Accounting Records Missing

Written by David Richards     12/08/2014 | 18:05 | Category: INDUSTRY

Accounting software Company Reckon has had a serious cloud services meltdown with Australian customers left without access to their accounts. Several have been told that Reckon is struggling to access backups of their data.

EXCLUSIVE:Massive Reckon Cloud Failure Leaves Customers Seething Accounting Records Missing

Customers of Reckon who today announced a 3% increase in revenues are claiming that a recent upgrade of the Company's hosted software platform has resulted in a "major" loss of data.

Phil Kent the CEO of RM Audio Australia claims that he has spent up to 8 hours on support calls with Reckon after his entire Company's financial records have "disappeared".

He claims that Reckon technical support staff told him that they had the data "but didn't know which server the data was stored on" he said.

"The upgrade of the Reckon Business Group platform took place over the past weekend since the upgrade took place I have been unable to get access to any of my financial records" he said.

"I have spent hours with their technical support staff and it appears that they do not know where the backed up data has been stored".

The company who has not responded to our calls for further information does have a technical support message that claims that the Company is currently experiencing "difficulties" and that technical support staff are currently addressing the issues.

Another Reckon customer who contacted ChannelNews said "This is a disaster Reckon have lost my records and their support operation does not have any answers".

On social networks Reckon customers vented their anger.

Gary Eckstein @ecksteing

ReckonHQ what's going on? We pay for your service yet your well-publicised upgrade doesn't work #AccountsHosted #Reckon #fail

Katherine Smith @manlywoman Reckon is experiencing what could be called a #fail users very disgruntled. New system no service. No communication. No customers.

Frank M @frankmathisen @ReckonHQ we're having issues login on today, and have been on hold for support for 1 hour!! What's happening? #AccountsHosted #Reckon

Gary Eckstein @ecksteing@ReckonHQ what's going on? We pay for your service yet your well-publicised upgrade doesn't work #AccountsHosted #Reckon #fail

Earlier today the share listed Company posted revenues of $51.1m for the half-year ending 30 June 2014, and an 11% increase in EBITDA from trading for the same period. 

In his financial press statement Reckon CEO Clive Rabie said that In February Reckon officially ended its relationship with U.S. software provider Intuit and that they launched their new cloud accounting solution, Reckon One. Rabie claimed that his Company had made a significant investment in building the online capability of the business.

Shortly after his financial results were announced customer anger was vented on social network sites with several Reckon customers calling for answers.

Rabie later issued a statement on his own web site saying "Over the weekend we rolled out a new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted service. We had expected through careful planning that the transition to the updated service would have little impact on customers. However, over the last two days through community posts and calls through our contact centre I am aware that many of you have experienced issues with the service".

"I want to personally apologise for any difficulties you may have had accessing and/or using the service since the change, and any problems you may have had contacting our support team".

He added "Whilst many users have been able to gain access to the program, there are a number of users being impacted by a specific system issue that results in their program failing to connect. In some instances users can connect by trying again, but not always. We are looking at this as a matter of priority by putting everything behind getting the system working as it should as soon as possible".