IBM Buys Solid State Firm Texas Memory Systems

Written by Tony Ibrahim     17/08/2012 | 00:07 | Category: INDUSTRY

IBM has announced plans to acquire solid state memory firm Texas Memory Systems.

IBM Buys Solid State Firm Texas Memory Systems

How much IBM will pay for Houston-based Texas Memory Systems has not been disclosed.

Solid State technology is rapidly replacing the spinning disks used in computer hard drives as they're quicker and more robust. IBM believes TMS' technology will complement its "Smarter Computing" systems by increasing the performance and efficiency of technology networks.

"Solid state technology, in particular, is a critical component of our new Smarter Storage approach to the design and deployment of storage infrastructures," said Brian Truskowski, IBM's systems storage and networking general manager.

The acquisition is "part of a holistic approach that exploits flash in conjunction with disk and tape technologies to solve complex problems."

Solid State drives operate faster and more efficiently than those that employ spinning disks. It's because of these benefits smartphones, tablets and the latest generation of Ultrabooks currently rely on SSD storage.

"The products are designed to help companies improve performance and reduce server sprawl, power consumption, cooling, and floor space requirements," IBM said.