More Patches For Windows 8 As Airlines Stay On iOS

Written by David Richards     09/07/2013 | 09:30 | Category: INDUSTRY

It's Patch Tuesday again, and Microsoft today is expected to release seven security bulletins - including six with the most severe rating of "critical".

More Patches For Windows 8 As Airlines Stay On iOS

For poor Windows 8 customer every day is becoming an update day as Microsoft appears to be fixing problems with their new OS on the fly.

The current range of patches will include one for a Windows vulnerability that recently sparked a debate regarding responsible disclosure. Other patches will affect Internet Explorer, the .Net framework, Silverlight and GDI+.

The six critical bulletins this month bring the total for the year to 22 - regarded as high, given that Microsoft released only 34 critical bulletins during all of last year.

Meanwhile, a leading airline boss has come out and said that iPads are still better than a Windows 8 tablet. In Australia, Qantas has asked Airbus for Windows 8 updates so their pilots can access A380 manuals on a Windows 8 Ultrabook or tablet. Currently, they are only available for iPads and Windows 7.

According to Jean-Christophe Lalanne, CIO of Air France and group CIO of Air France-KLM, Microsoft tablet devices such as Surface Pro could be useful for the enterprise in future, but for now, the iPad is still a better device.

During an interview with Computing at the 2013 Air Transport IT Summit in Brussels, he said:  "We think that for the existing applications that are running on Windows 7, it could be interesting to think about refurbishing them for Windows 8." He also explained how compatibility with existing systems will be a key driver.

"It should be easy with the adaptable design mode to use with tablets, but at the same time, using the tablets as if they were classical desktops. So the new platform, where the screen becomes the tablet [Surface], could be very interesting for us," he added.

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