Free Webinar: How To Start A Successful Online Business

Written by Tony Ibrahim     21/08/2012 | 06:26 | Category: INDUSTRY

E-Web is hosting a free online seminar focusing on how to start up an online business.

Free Webinar: How To Start A Successful Online Business

The online seminar, or 'webinar', will focus on the three ways to grow an online business over an hour. It will also educate participants on how to get their website online within 24 hours and how to make Google's search engine work for them.

Also examined will be the "5 costly mistakes that nearly every online business makes."

The webinar is ideal for people who aren't confident with technology as questions can be asked via chat during the session. Three webinars will be available between August 28th and August 30th.

E-web has been recognised by Deliotte as one of the fastest growing companies, while BRW has recognised it as the fourth best place to work in Australia. But it wasn't always sunshine and rainbows for the marketing company because in 1998, E-Web was founded in the CEO's bedroom.

The webinar, then, will be conducted by a company who understands the trepidation budding entrepreneurs are facing.

To register your place in the webinar, simply click here.