Want A Pi? $32 PC Sell Out

Written by Oonagh Reidy     01/03/2012 | 00:31 | Category: INDUSTRY

Uproarious demand for Raspberry Pi - a $32 bare PC that has smashed demand hours after release.

Want A Pi? $32 PC Sell Out

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Ben Upton with Pi. Image : The Guardian
The Raspberry Pi , which went on sale in the UK for £22 yesterday morning,  has sold out already causing websites to crash, reports The Guardian.

Pi is smaller than a credit card and built for children to home compute and learn coding - something which British education guru's are already contemplating introducing into the school curriculum there. 

The mini bare computing device is open source running Linux and also boasts connectivity like USB, SD card slot, and HDMI ports, meaning you can connect everything from a keyboard to a monitor and Ethernet, so can be hooked up to the Net.

The Pi was invented by video games creator, David Braben, and the Raspberry Pi foundation set up by a Cambridge academic, Eben Upton, who hope the low cost device will inspire a new breed of software developers and IT gurus. 

One UK consumer likened the demand for Pi to buying an iPhone on launch day:

"Trying to buy a @Raspberry_Pi tonight is similar to trying to buy an iPhone on launch day. Never imagined that'd happen with a Linux gadget," one consumer, Paul Ryan, tweeted.

Pi is sold through two companies RS and Farnell. And a cheaper version will go on sale later this year for around $23, reports BBC.

The Pi foundation was overwhelmed by demand, tweeting 5 hours ago:

"Right - signing off for the evening. Thanks for the overwhelming support and understanding; we really appreciate it. Pub!"

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