Power-Saving ViewSonic LEDs Go Thin On A Budget

Written by Matthew Lentini     12/09/2011 | 23:44 | Category: MONITORS AND SCREENS

ViewSonic has released a new series of LED-backlit monitors that focus on energy efficiency without breaking the bank.

Power-Saving ViewSonic LEDs Go Thin On A Budget
The 48 Series of monitors comes in 19-, 22- and 24-inch sizes, with the same green tech on board as the recently-released 53 Series from ViewSonic. These power-savers are made to save money on electricity and in the initial purchase.

The budget monitors go for $189, $209 and $249 respectively, while still offering quality visuals. The 24-inch model pushes out Full HD resolution with 300 nits of luminance.

The multi-device screens feature multiple inputs to allow connectivity on a range of devices at once, including a double interface of VGA and DVI-D.

The 53 Series pushes up the price while pushing the size up to 27 inches. The 53 Series includes Full HD monitors with a higher contrast ratio than the 48 Series.

Prices here start at $229, ranging up to $499 for the 27-inch model.