Samsung Release Ultrabooks, 27" All In One & More

Written by Tony Ibrahim     22/05/2012 | 02:18 | Category: MONITORS AND SCREENS

Samsung has released a slew of new products today, including its first Ultrabook, two new all in-one-PCs, a dedicated gaming Desktop and business monitors.

Of the products released, two standouts are Samsung's first Ultrabook and the company's 900A7A 27" all in one PC. Their 14" Ultrabook includes a dedicated graphics card and not the typical Intel 3000 HD recipe used in its rivals, while Smarthouse's 27 inch All In One shootout deemed the 900A7A the best so far.

"We are proud to announce the local availability of Samsung's latest IT range, highlighting our technology in the areas of portable and integrated computing, gaming and business office solutions," said Tony Ignatavicius, IT Director, Samsung Electronics Australia.

"According to the latest Samsung Better Tomorrow Research[1], one in four Australians believe that the latest technological advances and designs are important to them, illustrating the importance of providing state-of-the art products that suit a cross section of people and their home or office environment."

Below is a break-down of the new products as per the official press release:

Series 5 ULTRA Book Range

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Samsung's Series 5 ULTRA Book range aims to provide Australians access to a large portable work space with the 14" screen Ultrabookâ„¢. The 14" ULTRA Book comes packed with an integrated Optical Disc Drive, allowing consumers to play compatible CDs and DVDs from the comfort of a lightweight and stylish notebook.

Key features of the Series 5 14" model include:
· 20.9mm thin/1.84kg light
· Intel® Coreâ„¢ i5 processor
· 4GB system memory
· 16GB iSSD with ExpressCacheâ„¢ flash memory
· 500GB storage
· AMD Radeonâ„¢ HD7550M 1GB graphics card
· Optical Disc Drive
· This variant carries a full-size HDMI, VGA, two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, 4-in-1 multi SD card slot, Ethernet and webcam.

To accommodate for consumers who require the freedom and flexibility to work in transit, the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA Book offers an alternative lightweight 13.3" model, featuring a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 processor.

Key features of the Samsung Series 5 13.3" model include:
· 14.9 -17.6mm thin/1.39kg light
· Intel® Coreâ„¢ i5 processor
· 4GB system memory
· Up to 128GB SSD storage
· The model also carries a full-size HDMI port along with one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0, 4-in-1 multi SD card slot, Ethernet and webcam.

Both the Samsung Series 5 ULTRA Book 13.3" and 14" variants will be available for RRP $1,499.

Series 7 and Series 9 All-In-One PC

Offering the thin All-In-One PC at 16mm, Samsung's Series 7 All-In-One PC features an interactive 23" touch screen display and powerful Intel® Core™ i5 computer processor, seamlessly integrated into one handcrafted PC. The Series 7's 90o tilting design allows consumers to create and share content in a way that is comfortable for them, whether virtually flat on their coffee table or in a collaborative meeting room.

The Series 7 23" All-In-One PC features:
· 23" Full HD display
· 90o tilting display
· Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) technology supported touch screen for accurate control
· Samsung's Touch Launcher - providing an array of easy to access apps
· Integrated 1.3 MP HD web camera
· Easy set up wireless keyboard and mouse

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Samsung is also providing consumers with a breathtaking and integrated entertainment experience, accessible from the convenience of an All-In-One PC. The Series 9 All-In-One PC offers a 27" Full HD display and crystal clear 3D sound, helping to provide consumers with an immersive viewing experience. 

The Series 9 All-In-One PC features:
· 27" slim bezel (10.5mm) Full HD display
· Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7 processor
· AMD Radeon HD6730M graphics card
· Ultra Clear Panel technology - supporting crisp images featuring vibrant colours
· JBL® provided 3D sound optimization - offering an outstanding audio experience for virtually any entertainment experience
· 3D Blu-ray Optical Disk Drive
· One pair of Samsung 3D glasses.
· Easy set up wireless keyboard and mouse

The Samsung Series 7 All-In-One PC is available for RRP $1,799 and the Samsung Series 9 All-In-One PC is available for RRP $2,999.

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Series 7 GAMER PC

The supercharged Samsung Series 7 GAMER PC aims to suit the gaming needs of consumers by offering a portable device that allows for hours of play. Supported by a high quality graphics card and stunning Full HD display, the Series 7 GAMER PC aspires to provide Australians with an unforgettable and mesmerising gaming experience.

Key features of the Series 7 GAMER PC include:
· 17.3" SuperBright Full HD LED^ Display
· Intel® Coreâ„¢ i7 processor
· 8GB System memory
· HD Dolby ® Home Theater® surround sound
· AMD Radeonâ„¢ HD6970M 2GB graphics card
· Blu-Ray Drive/Super Multi Dual Layer Optical Disc Drive
· One pair of Samsung 3D glasses.
· A full-size HDMI, VGA, two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0, 7-in-1 multi SD card slot, Ethernet and 2.0 webcam.

The Samsung Series 7 GAMER PC is available for RRP $2,999.

Series 8 Business Monitors

Ergonomically designed to help support the professional needs of graphic designers and multimedia content creators, the new range of Series 8 Business Monitors provides users with an exceptional colour experience. Combining multi-viewing technology with outstanding picture graphics, the Series 8 Business monitor allows for cross-device multitasking between two compatible PCs.

The Series 8 Business Monitors feature:
· LED^ Plane to Line Switching (PLS) panel technology - providing a high picture brightness and clarity
· A near 180 degree viewing angle - offering a tailored viewing experience both vertically and horizontally
· Four times the 720p HDTV resolution (2560 x 1440)
· Picture by Picture (PBP) functionality - allowing consumers to multitask across two compatible PCs on the one screen

The Samsung Series 8 Business Monitor is available for RRP $1,099.