Huawei Two In One PC Leaked

Written by David Richards     17/02/2016 | 08:12 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

As tipped by ChannelNews Huawei is set to enter the PC market with a hybrid two in one product.

Huawei Two In One PC Leaked
The device which will be shown at the World Mobile Congress next week in Barcelona is set to take on Microsoft's Surface Pro 4. 

A teaser for the new product was overnight posted on Chinese social media site Weibo by Huawei's CEO, Yu Chengdong. "The new style of business," it reads, along with a stylus poking cheekily into frame.

Huawei has been rumoured to have a hybrid up its sleeve for some time now. 

A key element of the new device is tipped to be, that it will run dual operating systems including both Windows 10 and Android, giving users plenty of options.

Like other hybrids, it's said to have a detachable keyboard and digital stylus. It's also thought to have an Intel chip inside.

Images of the device have also been posted to Weibo but not by Huawei

However, this could all be cobblers, and Huawei could be bringing out a large business phone instead. 

But flagship Huawei smartphones don't have styluses, so it would be a bit of a departure for the Chinese Company that is ramping up their presence in Australia.

And with images of the hybrid leaking, the odds are good on it being the star of its press conference.

Huawei is rumoured to have a few new smarties up its sleeve. But reportedly they won't be seen at MWC.