Microsoft Surface Fails Again, This Time In Front Of Tens Of Millions

Written by David Richards     27/01/2016 | 08:09 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Microsoft has been left with egg on their face after one of their premium Surface PC's karked it front of millions at an NFL game.

Microsoft Surface Fails Again, This Time In Front Of Tens Of Millions
The Surface that is struggling up against competition from Apple and Lenovo fell over when the devices stopped working in front of more than 50 million viewers at an NFL game.

Windows marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi defended the performance of Surface tablets at the New England Patriots game during the National Football League's AFC Championship at the weekend. 

Windows marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi struggled for words to defend the problem "On rare occasions like we saw on Sunday, the stadium has network issues that prevented the delivery of images to the Surface. In these cases, we work with the NFL to quickly troubleshoot possible network issues so we can get the photo-imaging solution to proceed as normal."

Despite Microsoft spending over $500 million in the US, with the NFL, Microsoft brand has often taken a beating according to Bloomberg, with sports casters sometimes calling the devices iPads. 

Yet, when the Surfaces failed Sunday, commentators actually remembered that they were Microsoft products, and the meltdown was replayed endlessly in clips on social media.