New Samsung Galaxy S Tab Range Is Bright, Fast + Available In OZ on July 14

Written by David Richards     04/07/2014 | 08:45 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

At a function in Sydney last night Samsung showed off their new Galaxy S Tablets that will shortly hit Australian stores, the screens are super bright and the devices wafer thin and light.

New Samsung Galaxy S Tab Range Is Bright, Fast + Available In OZ on July 14
But it was not the shiny new gadgets that competitors like Apple and struggling tablet Companies like Toshiba, HP and Dell have to compete with it's the 80,000 research and development personnel that the Korean company has developing the next generation of product. 

Arno Lenoir Marketing Director said "Samsung is now a Company that is at the epicenter of the evolution in technology. Each day we are developing something new". 
He said that he was confident that their new iPad destroyers would be successful.

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Where Apple once had an eco-system advantage with their Apple Store and their iTunes services, the Android OS that is found on the new Samsung Galaxy S tablet range that includes a 10.5-inch and 8.4-inch model that will be available in white and bronze in Australia, is delivering so much more in applications, services and above all entertainment content than Apple.

The proprietary approach of Apple is now starting to work against them and Samsung appear to have their measure if the new devices are anything to go by.

The new devices will go on sale at Australian stores on July 14 of the six Galaxy Tab S tablets set to be launched four are the same price as the iPad and one iPads, one undercuts its Apple competitor by $19, and another costs just $1 more.

Samsung product marketing director Jenny Goodridge said the Tab S range was designed to appeal to technology-loving consumers who wanted a high-end Google tablet - something Samsung had yet to deliver.

"What's been missing for Samsung has been a tablet that really matches the experience that Australians are getting from our smartphones," Goodridge said.
Lenoir said that Samsung is hoping to achieve the same success the Company has had with the Galaxy S5, which he said is now the number one selling smartphone in Australia behind the Apple iPhone. 

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The tablets will be just 6.6mm thin - equivalent to "a stack of five credit cards," will feature eight-megapixel cameras, Super AMOLED screens with a higher resolution than that of an iPad's Retina screen, and bodies weighing less than their Apple equivalents at 465g and 294g respectively.

The Tab S tablets will also offer new software letting users take phone calls, send SMS messages, and control Samsung smartphones from larger screens.

he full pricing list is:

Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch, Wi-Fi, 16GB: AU$479
Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch, Wi-Fi + 4G, 16GB: AU$629
Galaxy Tab S 8.4-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB: AU$579
Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 16GB: AU$599
Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB: AU$699
Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch, Wi-Fi + 4G, 16GB: AU$749

While 16GB and 32GB seem on the low end of storage options from such a premium product, it's worth remembering that the Tab S range have MicroSD slots and can be expanded by another 128GB.

The products will be available across all major telcos and retailers, along with the Samsung speciality shops and Samsung's recently opened ecommerce store.

The tablets also have a suite of optional accessories: two covers and a Bluetooth keyboard.