Microsoft Mini + Pro 3 To Surface Next Week

Written by Oonagh Reidy     16/05/2014 | 12:02 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Report suggests a new Intel-based Surface 3 Pro will be launched next week alongside Surface Mini on May 20, when Microsoft are holding a US press briefing.

Microsoft Mini + Pro 3 To Surface Next Week
It is believed Microsoft will use a variant of Intel Haswell processors used in Surface 2 Pro for the third installment of the Pro, running Windows 8.1. The hugely popular Pro 2 has a 1.6" Full HD screen and Intel Core i5 4th gen processor, inside. 

A recently published Microsoft support document made a reference to Surface Pro 3, although Redmond giant has since corrected the "typo." 

Samsung are also said to be launching a 13" tablet, soon. 


"Join us for a small gathering," the Microsoft media invite declared, suggesting something small is to be unveiled on the 20th. 

Microsoft watchers believe the New York-based event could mark the unveiling of a 7.5" or 8.5" Surface mini tablet, riding the recent wave of popularity from the Microsoft Windows tablets, which are selling well here in Oz. 

"Surface mini will be based on an ARM chipset and will run Windows RT 8.1" a Windows IT blog suggests and a "high quality stylus for note-taking and OneNote integration."