HP Has A Crack At Android Tablet Market As PC sales Start To Tank

Written by David Richards     04/12/2013 | 10:28 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Hewlett Packard is having another crack at trying to break into the tablet PC market, after their disastrous Web OS tablet ended up being shunned by consumers and discounted out by Harvey Norman.

HP Has A Crack At Android Tablet Market As PC sales Start To Tank
Now the struggling PC Company is trying to take on Samsung and Apple with the release of four Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean tablets.

HP has not been not in the smartphone or Android tablet market after a disastrous Web OS smartphone launch and an ever bigger Web OS tablet roll out that went pear shaped with Harvey Norman virtually giving the tablet away after consumers failed to buy the HP tablet device that was run on their own Web OS which has since been sold to LG Electronics.  

In the new HP range is the HP Slate7 Plus, the HP Slate7 Extreme, the HP Slate8 Pro, and the HP Slate10 HD. 

The Slate7 Extreme features a seven-inch display in a widescreen format with 1280x720 resolution, while an included stylus can be used for handwritten notes. When listening to music or watching videos, sound is output from dual front-facing speakers.

The Slate8 Pro switches to a larger eight-inch display configured in a 4:3 aspect ratio, with a much higher resolution of 1600x1200 pixels. The device lacks the front-firing speakers of the Slate7 Extreme, though the company promises robust sound thanks to Beats Audio. 

The Slate10 HD is also 1280x720 with the same processor as the Slate 8 pro. Screen size is boosted to 10-inches.

Right now the future is not looking good for the Company say analysts who that seems to go through CEO's faster than they grow PC market share. 

According to IDC, HP are losing market shares to tablets and smartphones and for HP their major problem is that they don't have any marketplace traction in the tablet or smartphone markets. 

Falling consumer demand has resulted in global shipments of desktops and laptops dropping a further 8.6% in Q3 2013 with IDC tipping a 10% fall in 2014. Customers are buying less PCs and printers, and HP has accumulated more debt than it can absorb through mergers and acquisitions resulting in the Company struggling to compete in PC the market.

 In Australia HP reported a $5M loss, they were also fined $3M by the Federal Court after the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission accused them of deliberately misleading consumers over their warranty rights. 
HP desktops units are down 9% and notebooks sales were down 14%. In fact, in Q3 2013.