Relief In Site For iPad Mini Supply

Written by David Richards     28/11/2013 | 07:10 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Relief may be in site for Australian retailers who have struggled to get stock of the Apple Mini iPad after Apple resolved a manufacturing bottleneck.

Relief In Site For iPad Mini Supply

Shortages of Retina displays used in the iPad Mini were the main reason causing the delay in shipments to Australian retailers due to the 7-inch Retina display being more difficult to manufacture than a 9.7" display.

What is not known is whether the fixing of the problem will see stock arrive in Australia prior to Christmas.

Sources in Asia said yesterday that Apple has increase orders in November to nearly four million units with several retailers now carrying orders for the new device.

Currently, Apple's orders for the iPad mini with Retina have already surpassed those for the first-generation iPad mini, the sources noted.

As for the iPad Air, because the supply chain had a longer preparation time, the device is seeing much more stable supply compared to previous-generation devices when launched, the sources said.