iPad Slump, But Microsoft Office "Key": Cook

Written by Oonagh Reidy     24/04/2014 | 10:25 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Tab sales are falling but Tim Cook reckons Office For iPad is a "key franchise".

iPad Slump, But Microsoft Office "Key": Cook Office For iPad is a "key franchise" for the company, Cook admits, weeks after Microsoft Office suite was launched for the eponymous tablet.

"Office is still a very key franchise in the enterprise, in particular, and I think having it on the iPad is good," Tim Cook said at an Apple Q2 conference call held today. 

However, the Apple boss still had a dig at Microsoft apparently dragging its heels over developing the popular Office suite for the rival platform.  

"If it had been done earlier, it would have been better for Microsoft frankly."

iPad sales slipped over 3 million to 16.35 million in the quarter ended March 29, compared to same time a year ago, new figures from Apple show. 

However, Cook was not spooked about the lack of growth, and remains "bullish" on iPad, noting dominance in education markets in the US and higher usage, adding, "iPad is the fastest growing product in Apple's history."

Apple forecasts sales of between $36 billion- $38 billion for Q3, down from the $45.6 billion it just announced for the second quarter.