Razer Pulls Its Switchblade On Intel Atom Processors

Written by Matthew Lentini     27/07/2011 | 04:42 | Category: NOTEBOOKS & TABLETS

Razer has given high-end gaming on an ultra-portable a nudge forward, revealing that its concept Switchblade device will run on an Intel Atom Z690 processor running at 1.7GHz.

While mobile gaming and minigame apps on tablets are booming, serious gamers aren't getting much in their mobile corner. The Razer Switchblade promises to give high-end gaming to the hardcore gamer crowd on a netbook form factor.

The Switchblade is essentially a netbook, though it houses a multi-touch screen and a context-specific keyboard with customisable icons for each individual game played. It also has the power behind it to run games typically suited to desktop PCs and larger notebooks over diminutive netbooks.

The gaming peripheral brand last showcased the work-in-progress at CES in Las Vegas early this year, but the announcement of its physical innards pushes the device one step closer to fruition.

Razer has pushed the clock speed of the Atom Z690 to ramp up performance 13 percent on the Switchblade over other Atom-run devices, and is now showcasing the concept device running

"The Razer Switchblade concept takes advantage of the Intel Atom processor, providing the performance needed to run 3D PC games in a small and light form factor to enable mobile gaming at significantly less power than a traditional laptop."

The Switchblade will pose for revellers again at the Chinese gaming business expo ChinaJoy over the next few days, showing demos of games running on the tuned up netbook. Games that have so far been displayed running on the device include World of Warcraft and MineCraft.

While any PC game can be played on the Switchblade, the device is currently being optimised for all of game developer Tencent's games.

While not as relevant in Australia and the US, Tencent Games makes up China's largest online gaming community with its mass multiplayer titles.