Big Bad Microsoft Called To Heel Over Windows 10 Software Updates

Written by David Richards     10/02/2016 | 08:12 | Category: OS & OFFICE

Microsoft who are looking to suck every dollar they can from their so called "Free" Windows 10 have been forced to reveal what they are actually downloading to Australian PC's running the free OS.

Big Bad Microsoft Called To Heel Over Windows 10 Software Updates
Following complaints from users over there current clandestine approach, which has seen questionable software downloaded that turns off competitors' products and directs consumers to Microsoft cloud offerings the Company is being forced to readdress their marketing methods.  

The move comes after Windows 10 device owners reacted negatively to background updates.

Now Microsoft is "promising" detailed release notes with each patch or update and a new website where users can keep tabs on the update history.

A Microsoft spokesperson said recently "After listening to feedback regarding the level of disclosure for Windows 10 updates, we decided to implement a new system for communicating updates to the operating system.

"Today we are rolling out the Windows 10 update history site, a hub for the release notes that will accompany each update and serve as a historical record of prior release notes."

The Windows Update History site is now live and will be updated as and when new updates are launched.

Meanwhile, the issue of the Microsoft Edge browser caching URLs in private browsing mode has also been fixed.

Another signification fix is for an issue that prevented users installing apps and updates from the Windows Store and Windows Update simultaneously.