No Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS or Chrome

Written by David Richards     19/05/2015 | 08:13 | Category: OS & OFFICE

The new Microsoft Edge browser which has been panned by several critics will not be available on any other platform than Windows.

No Microsoft Edge Browser For iOS or Chrome

Unlike the popular Chrome browser the Microsoft offering will not be available on iOS or Linux.

Microsoft confirmed, via TechCrunch, it is not currently developing the new browser for Mac, Linux or any mobile platform outside of Windows 10 for the time being.

Earlier on Monday Microsoft Consumer Apps 'MVP' Michael Gillett tweeted a quote from a presentation at Microsoft's Build Tour: "Right now we're building Microsoft Edge for Windows 10, we'll see in the future if it makes sense for other platforms."

While it makes sense for it to focus solely on the Windows 10 platform initially, the news comes amid an era of cross-platform compatibility at the new Microsoft.

The firm has been rolling out all manner of its core services across the Mac, iOS and Android platforms, while improving interoperability between services like Office and Dropbox.

While Microsoft doesn't seem to have any immediate plans, it wouldn't be a surprise to see Edge - previously codenamed Project Spartan - to show up on other operating systems once Windows 10 gets its feet under the table.

The latest version, in Build 10120, features a 'new tab' page showcasing top sites, trending news, featured apps and local weather.