No WIN 10 Tablet Or Smartphone OS At Launch, As Microsoft Struggle With OS Build

Written by David Richards     01/05/2015 | 15:18 | Category: PLATFORMS

They bill themselves as one of the smartest software Companies on the block, now it appears that Microsoft is still unable to put an OS together that works seamlessly across PC, tablet and smartphone.

No WIN 10 Tablet Or Smartphone OS At Launch, As Microsoft Struggle With OS Build

Microsoft's head of operating systems Joe Belifore has been forced to admit at the Microsoft Build Conference in the USA this week that the first version of Windows 10 will only be for PC.

This is the Company that told us that Windows 8 was going to be a great success with its touch enabled features for tablets and smartphones... the reality was it bombed out with consumers deserting the Microsoft OS offering for offerings from Google and Apple. The Company then decided to bypass a version 9 of the OS instead they headed straight to a version 10 and even now the big software Company is struggling to deliver an OS that works across multiple devices.

Speaking to the media at the Build 2015 conference, Belifore said bringing the operating system to PCs was Microsoft's primary focus at this time. He also claimed some Windows 10 features will arrive gradually, after the planned launch date.

In other words the free version that they are set to roll out in July is only half finished.


He said: "There are devices and features that will come not on launch date, but following it."


"From the device view, our main focus is to kick off the Windows 10 launch wave with a great launch on the PC. You should expect that the other devices - phone, HoloLens, Xbox, and Surface Hub - will be staggered, probably not on the same date as the PC."


The staggered launches are happening because Microsoft is having to code on the fly adding features to the phone-centric version of the OS after they've arrived within the preview builds for PC.


"Our phone builds have not been as far as long as our PC builds," he told attendees at the conference.


 "We're adapting the phone experiences later than we're adding the PC experiences."


Belifore's comments suggest Windows 10 for other platforms will not start arriving till the latter part of the year.

As one observer said" it's somewhat of a shame Microsoft is unable to roll out this 'Universal' experience, well, universally".