Yet Another Hacker Ring Arrest

Written by Computer Daily News      20/10/2014 | 10:26 | Category: SECURITY & SUPPORT

NSW police have arrested a 32nd suspect related to an alleged hacking and identity fraud ring which is said to have used the now closed Liberty Reserve anonymous online payments system.

Yet Another Hacker Ring Arrest
The arrest is the latest arising from an ongoing investigation into a major hacking and identity fraud ring said to have been headquartered in Australia.

Two weeks after announcing its 28th arrest in the case, the police arrested a 28-year-old man at his residence in Carnes Hill and charged him with three counts of dealing in the proceeds of crime.

Detectives allege he hacked a bank account not belonging to him in April 2013, when he transferred $98,000 into his own account.

Last year NSW Police began investigating fraud offences after discovering a number of electronic devices during a search of a property in Sydney's Rocks area.

The resulting investigation uncovered what police allege was a hacking, identity crime and fraud syndicate which used the former Costa Rica-based Liberty Reserve system, shut down by the US Government last year due to its links to online organised crime