Aussie "Star" Sex Pics Nicked Off Apple

Written by Oonagh Reidy     17/06/2012 | 23:27 | Category: SECURITY & SUPPORT

A major Aussie sports star has had sex pics nicked by Apple repair shop.

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The Olympic athlete gave his Apple computer in for repairs to the Sydney store but found the official Apple reseller duplicated the star's raunchy images "in numerous sexual acts," with his wife, reports News Ltd.

The Sunday Telegraph first revealed the privacy breach last week.

And it seems the sports star was not alone and several celebs and other private citizens have also had their private pics and videos stolen by the official Apple reseller, who has a sneaky scanner which looks for intimate images stored in the Apple Macs in for repair.

The repair staff are said to scan machines for intimate material "under the encouragement of the store's owner" and upload sensitive material to an in house drive.

The identity of the store nor the celebrities have not been revealed by the Telegraph, however, Apple said it is investigating the incident

Apple Australia has also called on customers who think they may have had their privacy breached to contact them.

The Apple reseller has denied the reports and blamed the PC owners for putting risky images on their device.

But it seems the practice does not amount to a criminal act.