Google Patches Apps To Stem Heartbleed Flow

Written by Computer Daily News      17/04/2014 | 11:02 | Category: SECURITY & SUPPORT

In response to the Heartbleed code flaw, Google has patched key services, including Search, Gmail, YouTube and Google Wallet. Other services are still being patched, the search giant said.

Google Patches Apps To Stem Heartbleed Flow
The patch updates were announced by Matthew O'Connor, a Google product manager, in a blog. He added: "Google Chrome and Chrome OS are not affected. We are still working to patch some other Google services."

Meanwhile Cisco Systems and Juniper Networks have revealed that some of their networking products used in hardware connecting US homes and businesses are susceptible to the encryption bug.

Separately, security company McAfee - now an Intel subsidiary - has set up a "Heartbleed Checker" tool, said to allow consumers to check if the Web sites they frequent have been affected by the bug. They can simply go to, enter a Web site name and discover whether or not the site has been upgraded to a version of OpenSSL that is not susceptible to the bug.

If the site is deemed safe, McAfee advises changing the password for that site. "Remember, changing your password before a site is patched will not protect you and your information," it adds.