Amazon Plans Oz Cloud: Report

Written by Computer Daily News     13/06/2012 | 23:54 | Category: STORAGE

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is close to turning on an Australian cloud computing facility, according to a Register Web report.

Amazon Plans Oz Cloud: Report
It will be co-located in an existing third-party datacentre in Australia, the Web site says, quoting "a staffer at the company, who asked not to be identified".

The IP networking company's staffer told The Reg it has been approached to provide peering services.

The Web site claims Pipe and Equinix are already providing such services - which it says could be a way for AWS to speed traffic flows to offshore datacentres.

Amazon has been stymied in its ambitions to secure more Australian business by lack of a local presence; a situation that effectively prevents its use by government agencies, as well as many major enterprises.

The US company some months ago advertised for datacentre and infrastructure experts, but has so far not made any announcement concerning establishment of a Down Under datacentre