New CE Devices Facing Delays Due To US Government Shutdown

Written by David Richards     14/10/2013 | 08:53 | Category: HOW STUFF WORKS

New consumer electronic devices may become a victim of the US Governments decision to close several departments down due to a lack of funding.

New CE Devices Facing Delays Due To US Government Shutdown

Bloomberg claims that device makers such as Google may have to delay introductions of new smartphones and other products because the partial U.S. government shutdown halted certifications that the gadgets don't cause interference.

Computers, mobile phones, gaming systems, TVs and wireless medical devices that emit radio waves need to pass a review by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC clears about 16,000 electronic devices annually, according to figures presented last month to U.S. lawmakers by Jessica Rosenworcel, an FCC commissioner.

That output is now at zero, and it "could be something that's a real drag on the digital economy the longer it goes on a US Senator said during the weekend.

The FCC laid off temporarily 98 percent of its staff and closed most of its operations on Oct. 1 as agencies shut down with Congress unable to agree on spending.

Currently thousands of devices are awaiting approval from organisations such as Google, Apple, Samsung Electronics, HTC and LG Electronics.

Companies rely on private test laboratories for much of the certification and need the FCC for final approval, said one insider.

Products that need approval include smartphones, tablet computers and laptops, an official said.

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